Thursday, 25 April 2013

the sky isn't as blue as it usually is and have i not told you that my dog is a model?

Last night I had a scare. I was getting chest pains around the heart area. My mum was freaking out and saying we should take me to the hospital. Alas! Horray for google, it was merely Costocondritis! A muscle pulling or something. 

Can you believe that my school gives us 3 holidays assignments to be completed in two weeks? I don't even attend a private school and they are this strict! Thank god I have nearly completed my Christchurch 2011 Earthquake essay, but I still have my stupid Castles essay to do and art assignment. Oh la la ..... I have one week of holidays left and procrastination is getting to me! 

My dog is the cutest dog. I swear she could easily take the title of worlds cutest dog and replace that toy looking dog Boo. Oh but Boo is rather cute, isn't he not? But Bella (my doggie) just has this natural beauty. 

This is what I was wearing today. In my second haul post you would've saw this top! It is rather for a lazy day, although you can jazz it up. I bought it from Myers for only $15! And Myer is usually the expensive department store! I am going on art camp for the first week of school, because i am in the Gifted And Talented Visual Arts program. I haven't got any oversized large t-shirts for painting, so I went to see Myer in the city, and because i am not familiar with the city shop I couldn't locate the t-shirts section....sadly. 

Yesterday was all miserable skies. Don't get me wrong, I love dark grey skies. Probably because in Australia, well in my part of Australia, you don't get alot of rain, unless it is winter, then you get TOO MUCH RAIN! Today the grey skies had past, and we were left with fluffy white clouds and sea blue skies....beautiful.

I told you the ARMY top wasn't just for lazy days! I thought I would take a tumblr move and put all the outfit accessories together in one photo. Look how chic it looks :) 

Top - Myer, Shorts - Cotton On, Shoes - Forever 21, Bracelet- Lipsy London, Sunglasses - Forever 21, Bow - Topshop

i squeal too much

I have an obsession over Elie Saab cotoure. I mean, who wouldn't? There stuff is so brilliant and amazing. I go onto harpars bazzar and check out the fashion shows, and I see Elie Saab and I start squealing like a chicken getting its head chopped off!

I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorites!

^ THISSSS!! <3

These dresses were from the S/S 2013 Elie Saab Couture Collection, to be honest these out of 40 dresses were my only favorites. In the other seasons, every singles dress I wanted to wear to my wedding. My friend would say to me "Geez gurl, how many weddings you gonna have?"

Check out the other collections of Elie Saab, believe me, you will be squealing! :

This one was my favorite collection! - Elie Saab S/S 2012

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

hauling and getting lost in a city and having to run four kilometers

I don’t feel proud to say that I have had a ‘successful day of shopping’. That sentence just somewhat repels me. Perhaps because I feel that there are people in the world suffering, and we are spending money shopping! And if we only bought one top, that is deemed an unsuccessful shopping trip. Whilst others have a top that is barely accounted for as one.

Today I went to the city. Despite my common knowledge of Perth’s bus routes I  managed to get off at the wrong stop. Which resulted in me and my best friend running 4 kilometres to the city centre.

I had an excellent day. The sales were phenomenally great as it is the mid-year sale. Okay, phenomenally is an exaggeration, because in Perth, our sales are the prices you would get in America, or even less!

Sweater from Paper Scissors - $19.99

Ugg Boots from Red Dot! (who would have thought) $12.99

Excuse the dog toy in the background - Sweater from the first photo!

Army Tank Top from Myer's Miss Shop - $14.95

Yeahhhh, so that was my mini haul!!! 


Introduction to the land of streetadore!

I have created so many blogs, in hope that they will arise to become like Rumi Neelys ‘fashiontoast’ or Tavi Genvisons ‘the style rookie’ (apologies if I misspelt any names, my careless efforts of spelling names correctly are getting much to apparent).

Every blog I created has been about fashion. I can’t seem to let this topic go. Obviously, I love fashion. And I think by saying I don’t love fashion is an underestimation of my capability to ADORE fashion.  

I solemnly swear to put my 100% efforts into writing this blog, my dedication and participation will be consistent!
^Yes I solemnly swear. However, my solemnly swears never really… are promising.

Anyhow, with school hectic, I will put my best efforts in.

Au revoir!